Free Psychotherapy

Traditionally, psychotherapy is a long and sometimes expensive relationship between you and a therapist. If you are lucky, you will find a therapist that you can develop a strong report with early enough as not to derail your endeavors.

With the dawn of the internet and online communities the model has shifted dramatically. There exists now the possibility of actually getting free psychotherapy through sites like These sites not only provide valuable free psychotherapy, they enrich the therapeutic experience through several other important offerings. Online forums allow the users to participate in community discussions that break down the walls of individual therapy and expose the user to a larger spectrum of perspectives and support, while other online materials provide the user with a greater depth and context to their personal journey towards mental well being.

Free personal Counseling Online

When you think of personal counseling it is likely that many things come to mind. In today’s world of a tough global economy and high deductible health care plans, the notion of cost is probably at the forefront of your brain. Gone are the days of simply going after the help you need simply because you need it…or are they?

Free Counseling Online

If you are looking for free counseling online there are some options, though limited.

For starters, there are plenty of forums and chat sites that can provide a free counseling online counseling-like experience. Typically this sites will not have licensed professional available for assistance (or even non-licensed professionals). Instead these types of sites are centered around a community of members who help each other. They may include separate groups for different areas of difficulty. However, the process is often the same. An individual experiencing a problem who is looking for advice or support may post a story or a question. Other members respond with advice or even just words of empathy. These types of free online forums or groups are anonymous (each person creates a login identity and can share as little information about themselves as they would like). You would not be hard-pressed to find such a site, there are many of them out there!

There is also the other option of turning to sites that have professionals who actually respond to emails or engage in phone or video chats. These sites are typically paid site. However, many offer a few minutes of free counseling online. This free time can provide users the opportunity to gauge, as best they can, if they feel comfortable working with a particular provider before spending money. As with the forum and chat sites, there are plenty of these paid sites that offer a few minutes free.

As a note, in your search for free counseling online, you may find sites that emphasize the “free” first only to later mention fees or suggested donations. One such site even required the person interested buy a specific book in order to receive the counseling. This ultimately would make the free counseling online not really free (however, it probably would still be cheaper than other services).


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